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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are Herbs Safe For Dogs?

Herbs have been used in dogs for thousands of years and have wide margins of safety. In fact the first Chinese herb books, written thousands of years ago, focused on dogs and horses. Human issues weren't addressed until much later. Dr. Jones has used these herbs in his veterinary practice for years.

How Do I give Herbs To My Dog?

Most dogs will eat powdered herbs if mixed with a little wet food. See Product pages for suggested dosing.

Can I use more than one HerbPet formula at a time?

Any of the HerbPet formulas can be used simultaneously as needed.

Can these HerbPet formulas be used in pregnant or nursing dogs?

Each formula page states whether that formula can be used during pregnancy or lactation.

Can I use HerbPet formulas in cats?

All of the formulas are safe for and have been used by Dr. Jones in cats. Sometimes cats are very resistant to voluntarily eating herbs. Others are really cooperative about it. Try mixing them with some strong-smelling wet cat food. Use the same dosing table listed on each product page for dogs.

Can these herb formulas be used in humans?

For human herb formulas, visit Dr. Jones' other site

Where can I learn more about herbs?

Have a look at The HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine ; the best herbal education money can buy! Both human and veterinary herbal medicine are taught!  You can also check out Doc Jones' YouTube Videos and his books.

Are your products all-natural??

We grow a lot of herbs here on our own facility. Those plants never see a chemical of any kind. Herbs we purchase, are purchased from the best growers we can find.

We add no artificial colors, flavors, ingredients, fillers or preservatives to our products.

What is the shelf life?

Dried herbs have a shelf life of about a year.

What if my dog has a special health issue? Are there other herb formulas I could use?

All of the human formulas sold on Doc Jones' other website are safe for dogs as well. If your dog has more specific needs, have a look at those offerings.

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We love hearing from you! We receive hundreds of emails every week from wonderful people who are willing to share their stories and ask questions. Please understand that though we care about you and your well-being, we will not be able to answer personal health questions or provide medical advice.

If you email us something along these lines, know that we have read it, we are thinking of you, we wish you blessings on your health journey, but we can’t respond. We encourage you yo seek medical advice from your personal health care provider.

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